About me

Hi folks, and welcome to my shop!

My name is Clarissa, I’m 30 years old and I live in Brentonico, a village amongst the mountains of Trentino, north Italy.
I have been carving and printing since I finished high school in 2011, but the Békla project took shape in 2013 and completely materialized in 2018, when I moved to a small mountain town of just 78 inhabitants (including myself) called Saccone. Here I finally had the space to have an equipped, comfortable and dedicated laboratory for printing.


I specialize in fabrics dye with the plants that I collect in the woods around here; xilography and linocut, and printing on natural fabrics with plant-based inks.

The paper I use comes from the scraps of large factories.
The fabrics are organic or vintage, and they are completely natural.

In my work I find meditation, slowness, stillness. This is the moment where the mind becomes silent and gives space for hearing.

The Mountain is an infinite source of inspiration, with its herbs and creatures, both in physical and metaphysical space.

With my prints I try to convey this scent: beyond aesthetics, they can act as a present memory of a slow, cyclical and living world, on a human scale that is an integral part of the nature that surrounds it. I hope you can grasp this message in my creations, and decide to bring it into your home.