Aequilibrium • organic cotton unisex t-shirt


Each of us has our own boulders inside.
They are on our shoulders, in our heads, in our hearts. They are made of daily commitments, responsibilities, past actions, regrets, things we do not forgive ourselves.
Sometimes they are so heavy that they take our breath away and make us trudge on.
Sometimes, they are so fascinating that we hold on to them, even when the time has come to let them go. They have become a comfort, even if they slow us down a lot.
They are always there, needless to deny it.
It is therefore up to us to choose where to have them, how to carry them, how much weight and space to give them. May they be a useful guide of experience, awareness, union of the various parts of us.

Unisex t-shirt in 100% certified organic cotton.
hand-printed with plantbased ink, print on the front and inside.
Due to the total craftsmanship of the printing, the t-shirt may have some differences or variations that are to be considered as authenticity, not defect.
Colours may be slightly distorted due to different screen calibrations on which you are looking at them.

SIZE - Please note, this is the NEW model!

A: Half chest
B: Body Length

XS a)46cm b) 67cm
S a) 49.5cm b) 69cm
M a) 53.5cm b) 73cm
L a) 56.5cm b) 75cm
XL a) 59.5cm b) 77cm
XXL a) 63.5cm b) 79cm


Wash cold, maximum 30°C, with print facing inwards.
Dry in sun and wind.