Larix • Hemp scarf ecru


The Larch matrix belongs to the Seasonal Hints project, where 4 essences for 4 seasons are represented.
The larch has always been my favorite tree; it is associated with the Sun and Saturn, two seemingly opposite but very similar sages.
Its autumn beauty, the blazing yellow that stands out in the mist of a November day; in many cultures it symbolises knowing how to find happiness and purity (sun) in essential things (Saturn), whether external or internal.

It is a lightweight scarf in 100% ecru hemp, that can be used in all seasons.
Linocut, hand-printed with plant based ink, 31x190 cm circa.

Due to the total craftsmanship of the printing, it may have some differences or variations that are to be considered as authenticity, not defect.
Colours may be slightly distorted due to different screen calibrations on which you are looking at them.

Wash cold, maximum 30°, preferably by hand. Dry in sun and wind.