Quiescenza • organic cotton women's t-shirt


This is the dormant stage that plants assume during unfavourable conditions, for example in winter. They slow down their vital functions, waiting for spring. An apparent death, waiting for rebirth.
Quiescence is the name I have given to this print.

It is a women's t-shirt in 100% certified organic cotton.
Linocut, hand-printed with walnut husk ink, poppy detail print on the front (please note, it can be a bit different from that pic) and central print on the back. Logo inside.


A: Half chest
B: Body lenght

S a) 45cm b) 64cm
M a) 48cm b) 66cm
L a) 51cm b) 68cm
XL a) 54cm b) 69cm


Wash cold, maximum 30°C, with print facing inwards. Dry in sun and wind.