Quiescenza • Small Tapestries various color and fabrics

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This is the dormant stage that plants assume during unfavourable conditions, for example in winter. They slow down their vital functions, waiting for spring.
An apparent death, waiting for rebirth.
Quiescence is the name I have given to this print.

Linocut, hand-printed with walnut husk ink.
The brown is heavy cotton, and it measures 35x44cm,
The grey is lightweight hand-dyed cotton, and it measures 28x43cm,
The natural white is a cotton/hemp heavy fabric, and it measures 29x55cm.

Due to the total craftsmanship of the printing, it may have some differences or variations that are to be considered as authenticity, not defect.
Colours may be slightly distorted due to different screen calibrations on which you are looking at them.

It will be sent with a branch, found on the banks of the creek I have near my home.

Wash cold, maximum 30°, preferably by hand. Dry in sun and wind.