Roots • Large Runner / Tapestry


The Roots matrix belongs to the Seasonal Hints project, where 4 essences for 4 seasons are represented.
Roots understood as origin, source of life and past generations; hidden, underground, in the dark and the dark feminine dormant. Powerful, solid, vital.
As above so below, roots also seem to be branches reaching towards the sky. The meaning is opposite, but similar and intimately related.

It is a table runner that can also be used as a tapestry.
The fabric is loom-woven white hemp.
Please note that being a hemp that is over 70 years old, it may have some imperfections or stains due to time.
Linocut, hand-printed with walnut ink, 49 × 152 cm circa.

Due to the total craftsmanship of the printing, it may have some differences or variations that are to be considered as authenticity, not defect.
Colours may be slightly distorted due to different screen calibrations on which you are looking at them.

Wash cold, maximum 30°, preferably by hand. Dry in sun and wind.