Hawthorn • organic cotton unisex t-shirt


Hawthorn - Crataegus oxyacantha is a wonderful plant, which is frequently seen in the woods where I live. It's a shrub whose name derives from the Greek words Kratos (strength), Oxus (pointed) and Anthos (flower), a nomenclature that encompasses all its aspects.
There are many legends about; since the times of the Roman Empire it was used to turn away wickedness and as a hope bearer, especially in nefarious periods.
It can be used as herbal tea to favor its calming, cardiotonic and relaxing properties.

This is a men's t-shirt in 100% certified organic cotton.
Linocut, hand-printed with plant-based ink, print on the front, logo on the back and inside.


A: Half chest
B: Body Length

S a) 49cm b) 69cm
M a) 52cm b) 72cm
L a) 55cm b) 74cm
XL a) 58cm b) 76cm
XXL a) 61cm b) 78cm


Wash cold, maximum 30°C, with print facing inwards. Dry in sun and wind.