I giorni della merla • 100% organic cotton t-shirt

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This linocut is dedicated to a very heartfelt Alpine saying: the last days of January are the coldest days of the year, and are known as the Days of the Blackbird. They are the three days of stasis, darkness and death while waiting for the inner rebirth that takes place on Candlemas Day, the transformation, the renewal, the feminine.

Here is the legend of these three days at the end of January, a legend that I remember as told by my grandmother in the Trentino version but which can be found in many local variations throughout Italy:

January, a cold, saturnine and shadowy month, enjoyed waiting for the blackbird to come out of the nest in search of food, to cast cold and frost on the earth. Tired of the constant persecution, one year the blackbird decided to make enough provisions for a month. It shut itself up in its burrow, under cover, for the entire month of January, which was then only twenty-eight days old. On the last day of the month, the blackbird, thinking he had tricked the bad January, came out of hiding and began to sing to mock him. January resented this so much that it borrowed three days from February and went wild with blizzards, wind, frost and rain. The blackbird took refuge in a chimney and sheltered there for three days. When the blackbird came out, it was safe, but its beautiful plumage had greyed due to the soot from the chimney, and so it remained forever with greyed feathers.

It is a t-shirt in 100% certified organic cotton.
Linocut, hand-printed with plantbased ink, print on the front, logo on the back and inside.
Due to the total craftsmanship of the printing, the t-shirt may have some differences or variations that are to be considered as authenticity, not defect.
Colours may be slightly distorted due to different screen calibrations on which you are looking at them.


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Wash cold, maximum 30°C, with print facing inwards.
Dry in sun and wind.