No friends but the mountains • Linocut paper print


A linocut that represents a lot to me. The relationship with the mountain, its timeless wisdom, our too often forgotten roots.


This is a large print, measuring 48x34cm, and is printed in brown walnut based ink on Favini Materica 250g printmaking paper. The edges of the print are rough-cut, irregular. This a limited edition of 33 prints.

All prints in this limited edition are handmade and handpulled on a press, and each print is signed and numbered.

Due to the slightly structured texture of the paper, this print is a bit difficult to print, and is likely to have a bit of "lino noise" and slight variations. This is not to be considered a flaw, but is inherent to the handmade nature of the artwork and process, and a welcome reference to the particular tradition of printing it stems from.