Solstitium • Linocut paper print


Linocut created during the winter solstice; a wish for inner rebirth, where light illuminates the darkness.

This print measuring 19x17cm circa, and is printed in brown walnut ink on handmade lokta printmaking paper. I have no idea what the paper weight is, but I think around 60/80 grams. It is very thin but strong (see photo).
All prints in this limited edition are handmade and handpulled on a press, and each print is signed and numbered. This a limited edition of 12 prints.

Due to the slightly structured texture of the paper, this print is a bit difficult to print, and is likely to have a bit of "lino noise" and slight variations. This is not to be considered a flaw, but is inherent to the handmade nature of the artwork and process, and a welcome reference to the particular tradition of printing it stems from.