Quiescenza • Linocut paper print


This is the dormant stage that plants assume during unfavourable conditions, for example in winter. They slow down their vital functions, waiting for spring. An apparent death, waiting for rebirth.
Quiescence is the name I have given to this print.

This print measuring 41x28 cm circa, and is printed with plant-based ink on 250g Favini Materica fine art paper.
All prints in this limited edition are handmade and handpulled on a press, and each print is signed and numbered. This a limited edition of 10 prints.

Due to the slightly structured texture of the paper, this print is a bit difficult to print, and is likely to have a bit of "lino noise" and slight variations. This is not to be considered a flaw, but is inherent to the handmade nature of the artwork and process, and a welcome reference to the particular tradition of printing it stems from.