Springin' hawthorn • Linocut paper print


Hawthorn - Crataegus oxyacantha is a wonderful plant, which is frequently seen in the woods where I live. It's a shrub whose name derives from the Greek words Kratos (strength), Oxus (pointed) and Anthos (flower), a nomenclature that encompasses all its aspects.
There are many legends about; since the times of the Roman Empire it was used to turn away wickedness and as a hope bearer, especially in nefarious periods.
It can be used as herbal tea to favor its calming, cardiotonic and relaxing properties.

This print measuring 25x25cm circa, and is printed in mauve plantbased ink on handmade lokta printmaking paper.
I have no idea what the paper weight is, but I think around 60/80 grams. It is very thin but strong (see photo). All prints in this limited edition are handmade and handpulled on a press, and each print is signed and numbered. This is a limited edition of 6.

Due to the slightly structured texture of the paper, this print is a bit difficult to print, and is likely to have a bit of "lino noise" and slight variations. This is not to be considered a flaw, but is inherent to the handmade nature of the artwork and process, and a welcome reference to the particular tradition of printing it stems from.